About me


Hi all you eaters out there!

I'm a food lover who after studying environment science at Washington University in St. Louis followed her heart to culinary school in San Francisco. Not growing up cooking, it took me until senior year of college to sauté a vegetable. But once I did, I was hooked. I've spent the last 3 years working as a professional chef in restaurants in San Francisco (nopa and Delfina) and New York (High Street on Hudson). Through food, I've found my passion of feeding and nourishing others, but even greater than that a passion to teach people how to nourish themselves. 

I've struggled over the years with many health and energy issues, reaching my breaking point this winter where getting out of bed each day felt a feat akin to climbing Everest. I had enough of the life of over indulgence and careless eating, and realized if I didn't change something soon, this sick person would become my status quo. 

So, I threw myself into the world of food therapy. I learned everything I could about the effects of food and which ones would help heal me or keep me from being who I wanted to be. It's an incredibly empowering thing to realize all you need to be your best self are things you can buy at a grocery store or farmer's market, and a few techniques. No medicines, no fancy supplements, and lots of yummy things.

Eating is hard. We have to do it, a lot. And we usually want to. But how do we satisfy all the f*%#ing requirements that meals have to have these days: they have to be "healthy" (what is healthy anyway? is that gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookie healthy? is chia pudding healthy? is matcha better than coffee? what is matcha v mate' v green tea?) they have to be convenient since we're all so terribly busy, not too pricey, and also delicious. How do you navigate the 21 meals each week in a way that makes you feel sane, healthy, energized, and good about your mind and body. It's not easy, but it is doable. 

Call me, and let's see how good you can feel.

P E A S & L O V E,