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Certified food therapist and professional chef, avid eater and life lover.




DO you have a gut feeling that you deserve more?

Are you sick of waking up every day feeling "meh"...Do you want to be bursting with love for your body...Have incredible energy...Feel in sync with your food choices...Go to the bathroom more easily?

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Things I can help with


Helping you gain confidence in your body, food, and the choices you make.


Making home cooking fun and stress-free.


Healing inflammation in your body.


Breaking free from food and sugar addictions.

  BREAKING FREE FROM SUGAR AND OTHER ADDICTIONS     NOTE: This does not require you to never have a chocolate chip cookie again

Raising energy levels.

Hormonal and gut imbalances.


Thyroid and Adrenal issues.


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July Re-Set!

Starts June 30th!

I am so excited to be offering this awesome mid-summer reset program!

The What: Summer is meant to be a time of fun, play, high energy and livin' that easy life. But, many people find it to be one of the most difficult seasons when it comes to their health. All the pressure of "bikini season", the sluggishness that comes with heat, and the confusion about just what to eat to feel satisfied AND svelte.

Enter: Summer Re-Set.

July Reset!
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The How: With 4 weekly meal plans + shopping lists and recipes, you'll have no trouble knowing exactly what to eat, when! (You also won't be spending any time or energy confused about what to buy, what to cook, or if you'll be "good" or "bad" at lunch tomorrow. I got you covered! All plans are gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free, super straightforward (think 15-minute recipes!) and geared towards increasing energy, decreasing bloat, and most importantly getting you *excited* about your meals. 

Each week we'll also focus on a Mind-Body relationship subject, too! For example, week one is learning how to listen to your inner-voice and tap into your own intuitive eating super power.

The Extras: Feelin like you want some one-on-one love? Add on private 45-minute coaching calls for a reduced rate and we can address your specific needs.

I can't wait to have you feeling AWESOME!

The program is $120 for the entire month, which comes out to only $30 a week!



Love Your Body Program 


The What: Do you find yourself having negative, critical thoughts about your body throughout the day? Is it stopping you from waking up and going to sleep feeling good about the body you're in, or even from doing the things you want to in life? You're NOT alone, and this doesn't have to be the rest of your life. 

I'm super excited to be launching my new affordable program designed to get you truly into and loving your body. With a mixture of eating psychology, integrative nutrition, and a little magic, this month-long program dives deep into your relationship with your physical self in a loving, nourishing way.

The How: With daily emails, I will lovingly guide you through journaling, meditation, and other exercises that, in my experience, have unlocked the pathway between head and heart, allowing you to see yourself as you never have. Start to understand what it means to really take care of yourself, be your own best friend, and love the body you're in! 

The Extras: With this program you have the option to add on one-on-one coaching calls at a reduced rate of $85 per 45 minutes. 


One-on-One Coaching Programs

One Month

The What: Something's not right. You've been feeling off for a while and it's getting in the way of you living the life you want. You're waking up tired, having mood swings, making bad decisions but are not sure how to change them in a way that feels good. You are curious about increasing your health and are ready to begin a journey towards a more comfortable, energized, relaxed self. 

The How: With an initial "deep dive" intake session of 90 minutes, followed by three one-hour session, I'll lovingly (sometimes tough lovingly) guide you through exercises and protocols that will leave you feeling re-energized and in harmony with your body. 

The Extras: This program includes post-session notes, resources, and next steps (Home Work!) within 24-hours of each session, as well as email support in between sessions. 


Three months

The What: You are ready to commit to a a powerful shift. Whether it's improving hormonal, energy, or digestive issues or truly gaining comfort in your body and food choices, you know this is a major priority in your life and you're ready to dig deep into transformation. 

The How: Initial deep-dive 90 minute session, followed by 11 one-hour sessions. During our sessions I'll guide you through an internal journey, figuring out what health means for you and your body. This incredibly individualized approach allows you to develop a consistent, life-long relationship with your body where navigating the world of health will become easy, second nature. 

The Extras: This program includes post-session notes, resources, and next steps (Home Work!) within 24-hours of each session, as well as email support in between sessions. 


Company Lunch n' Learn

You may not be able to provide free lunch every day like google (or maybe you do!) but one hour with me and your employees/coworkers will thank you like you just gave them a month of paid vacation!*  Whether we talk about stress and anxiety management, meal prepping, or the gut-brain connection, my visits are always chock full of education, brain cookies, and a fun activity that leaves you feeling refreshed and more connected to your body. 

Contact me for rates, dates and topics!

*Unfortunately can't guarantee this. 

Corporate Wellness Consultations

Company culture is everything. Happy, healthy employees leads to higher productivity, retention, and increased morale in the workplace. 

Picture this: once a month I visit your office and offer 20-minute consultations over a 5-hour period. Your company's staff can sign up to see me and I can coach them on everything from stress and anxiety management, diet and nutrition, and overall holistic wellness. An incredible perk to offer!

Plus, I'll offer individual coaching packages at an exclusive rate to your company!  

Whole30 Coaching

After six rounds of Whole30, I can confidently say I have learned LOADS from my mistakes, and you should too! #1 is that doing this with a partner or motivator is crucial to success, and success in a Whole30 is LIFE CHANGING. Partner with me and we can change your life in 3o days. From meal-prepping to emergency snacks, Jedi mindtricks for fighting that sugar dragon and the best secrets to eating out and staying on course, your Whole30 will be an enjoyable experience from start to finish (okay, maybe there will be some tough moments...but mostly it will be great!)

*Because I love working with people in all stages of life, I offer this service on a sliding scale, so call or email me for pricing and scheduling!

Shop, Coach, Cook!

Spend the morning or afternoon with me! We'll grocery shop (I'll show you all the hidden products I love!) and go back to your space to cook delicious, easy, nourishing recipes. I'll coach you through cooking and teach you all my hacks to make you relaxed and happy in the kitchen. Afterwards I'll send you a complete list of recipes, notes, reminders, suggestions and relevant material you may enjoy. 

What you'll walk away with: a new outlook on cooking, food, health, and a fridge stocked with goodies for the week!

*Because I love working with people in all stages of life, I offer this service on a sliding scale, so call or email me for pricing and scheduling!



About me


Hi all you gorgeous eaters out there!

My story starts with a childhood of Aunt Jemima pancakes, Rice Krispies with brown sugar, and lots and lots of bouts of strep throat + antibiotics. I just about ravaged my gut of any and all good bacteria I possibly could, which of course is no one's fault as none of us understood the importance of those little guys back then! (Side note: I Contain Multitudes is a fascinating book on bacteria!)

Since then I have struggled with a weakened immune system, made none the better with my three years working as a line cook--one of the most stressful, physically draining, and overall unhealthy life styles available...but incredible nonetheless.

I was fortunate enough to cook at restaurants like Delfina and Nopa in San Francisco and help open the dinner program at High Street on Hudson in New York (not bad for a girl that hadn't sautéed a vegetable until senior year of college-true story).

I had always been someone to get sick often, which knowing what I know now is not surprising, but finally reached my illness breaking point in spring 2016 when getting out of bed each day felt a feat akin to climbing Everest. Chronic inflammation, low grade fever, indigestion...I had it all. I also had enough of the life of extreme stress, emotional eating, endless indulgence of my sugar addiction, and quickly realized if I didn't change something soon, being the always-sick person would become my status quo. 

So, I threw myself into the world of food as medicine. I became certified in Food Therapy through the Natural Gourmet Institute, began my Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health, and enrolled in an Eating Psychology Coaching Program at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating so that I could understand the mentality connection--truly merging mind-body-nutrition. 

After years of self-experimentation and learning from the most incredible teachers and mentors, I am ready to share my knowledge and help others find their way to a life filled with energy, zest, and a loving, peaceful relationship with their bodies.


Call me, and let's see how good you can feel.

P E A S & L O V E,




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